gobics.de [Oligo functions]

Function plots for oligomer length 1-6

For each oligomer of length 1-6 the matrix of learnt oligo function from the classifier is shown. Additionally plots of all individual oligomer functions are provided.

Rankings for oligomers length 1-6 according to the norms

Each table contains the 20 (4 for monomers, 16 for dimers) most important oligomers for discrimination for respectiv length. Additionally a bargraph shows the 10 most important oligomers, where Y-axis shows the degree of importance of the oligomer. All values have been scaled to the maximum norm of appropriate length.

Oligomers length 1-6 according to peak hight in bargraphs

Each bargraph contains the 10 oligo functions with the highest peaks for the oligomer length. Y-axis shows the hight of resp. peak (absolute value) scaled to the maximum for appropriate length.