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YACOP is a metatool for gene prediction in prokaryotic genomes. The predictions generated by the tool are based on the output of existing gene finding programs. In present YACOP supports the boolean combination of predictions from Critica105b (with wublast2), Glimmer2.02 or Glimmer2.10 (with RBSfinder), Orpheus (with dps) and ZCurve1.0. The output can be adapted to different modes by customizing the enclosed ini-file, so that the tool can also be used for comparision and evaluation of different predictions. It's possible to extend the package and integrate additional tools, for the source code of YACOP is avaliable. The programs to be used by YACOP should be provided on your system (see readme-file). The current version is realized in Perl (v.5.6.1). It's implemented and tested under RedHat Linux v2.4.18 on a compaq alpha cluster.


M. Tech and R. Merkl (2003)
YACOP: Enhanced Gene Prediction Obtained by a Combination of Existing Methods
In Silico Biology 3:4.


YACOP - Gene prediction tool for prokaryotes

YACOP2 - Gene prediction tool for prokaryotes

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Release note YACOP2:

Novel function: training Glimmer with Critica output (A. C. McHardy et al. 2004).