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Phylogentic Sequence Analysis

Fabian Schreiber

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Links & Literature

Homology Search:


    Multiple Sequence Alignment:

  • Clustalw
  • T-Coffee
  • Muscle
  • Dialign

    Phylogenetic Reconstruction:


  • DNAdist Construction of a distance matrix from a multiple sequence alignment
  • Neighbor-Joining Construction of a phylogenetic tree using the Neighbor-Joining algorithm


  • DNApars Parsimony analysis from a multiple sequence alignment

    Maximum Likelihood

  • FastDNAml Maximum likelihood calculation from a multiple sequence alignment

    Introductions, Tutorials

  • Introduction
  • History of life
  • Tree of life project
  • Phylogeny Programs
  • Description of different Phylogeny Methods
  • Phylogeny Tutorial
    A Primer of Phylogenetic Procedures