Lab rotation projects for the MSc/PhD program Molecular Biology [WS09/10]

Department of Bioinformatics (IMG)

Bioinformatics sequence analysis


Lab rotation projects are possible in all areas of research where our group is active, in particular: protein classification; genome annotation for eukaryotes and prokaryotes; phylogeny analysis; multiple sequence alignment; RNA sequence and structure analysis. Details about possible projects are to be discussed with potential project supervisors from our group.

For all projects work experience in at least one programming language, e.g. C, C++, Perl, Java, R and with the operating system Linux/Unix is required.

We strongly recommend interested students to contact the project coordinator (see contact) well in advance.


comparative analysis, HMM, machine learning, data mining, distributed computing, string algorithms, data base screening


Dates of Lab Rotations:
1st Lab Rotation: 4 January - 26 February 2010
2nd Lab Rotation: 1 March - 30 April 2010
3rd Lab Rotation: 3 May - 25 June 2010
Deadlines for students to apply for a lab rotation project:
1st Lab Rotation: 3 December 2009
2nd Lab Rotation: 28 January 2010
3rd Lab Rotation: 25 March 2010


Maike Tech, e-mail: lab_rotation[at]